Kivo Lodge


If you want to get away from the daily fuzz of the well-known tourist routes and would like to enjoy pure nature all to yourself then Kivo Lodge is the right spot for you. We are not about mass tourism or anonymous travel but rather about a direct and unique encounter with Namibia and its locals. 



We are situated only 45km from the interntional Airport of Namibia. The unique architecture and location of Kivo Lodge is guaranteed to give you an extraordinary experience and a longlasting memory of Namibia. Ivo Lühl your host has grown up in Namibia and lived in Namibias savannah landscapes most of his life, he will gladly answer any questions you have about the country, its inhabitants and history. Our staff is mostly made up of Damara  that are known to be a friendly and welcoming people.


Enjoy our Namibian hospitality and have a nice day.